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760 Docks is proud to be the official dealer of Flotation Systems Inc on Lake Norman!

In our commitment to being eco-friendly on Lake Norman we have partnered with FSI (Flotation Systems Inc) to bring aluminum docks to your shoreline! These docks do not put harsh chemicals into the lake unlike pressure treated wood. Aluminum is also long lasting and requires nothing more than a quick power wash each season. No more staining, sanding, or painting! The aluminum is powder-coated to a various array of colors as well. Once the dock is delivered from our      factory in Cullman, AL the install only takes about a week!

Give us a call/email today to see how we can get you an FSI dock! 


LockDry® Technology

Tired of brittle and fading wood decking?  Renew and refurbish your boat dock with our LockDry® aluminum decking and you can rest assured that your boat dock will remain flawless for years to come!

A design for everyone!

For every owner, there’s a boat dock style that suits them absolutely perfectly. From simple to grand, we have the dock style that’s just right for you, your taste, and your waterfront.

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